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Introducing Amen - A computerized version of the Christian card game available at your local Christian bookstore.

  • All the fun of the Amen card game is now on CD-ROM. The goal is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards, say Amen and have the lowest point total at the end of the game.
  • Each player may play a card from his/her hand onto the discard pile matching the current card on the pile by color, number, or word. But beware--you may have to draw cards of switch directions!
  • Amen includes computer players to play against!
    1. Try your luck against 3 of the 10 supplied computer players with real voices.
    2. Choose between four different game lengths.
    3. Animated game play and sound effects.
    4. Complete Bible verses pop up on each card.
    5. Complete hypertext online help
  • Amen is being distributed by Bible Games Company.
  • System Requirements: Windows 95 or better, 5-15 meg hard drive space
  • Can be obtained from one of the following sources:
    1. Right here at Barbor Software for $5.99 with FREE S/H - use button at top of page
    2. Mail order from Barbor Software - click here
    3. Your local Christian bookstore
    4. Available at other online retailers!

Technical support for Amen:

Amenis copyrighted by Bible Games Company, 2000-2007

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