Bible Grand Slam V3.0 Bible Grand Slam V3 CD

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Bible Grand Slam

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What's new in V3.0?
  • Graphics: All game windows have been upgraded with 3D effects.
  • Players: New players with improved runner animation. Runner animation is now independent of the speed of the PC.
  • Extra Innings: Yes, all games can now be played until completion!
  • High Scores: The game now keeps track of high scores in 2 different categories. The game will track the 25 highest number of runs scored and the 25 greatest margins of victory.
  • Awards/Certificates: The winning team can now print out 1 of 3 certificates about their victory.
  • Questions: Over 250 new questions have been added.
  • Hidden Question Selection: Question selection by the computer without the hitter knowing what type of hit. So, the hitter wouldn’t know what type of hit that they got until after they “swung” at the pitch.
  • Mercy Rule: There is now a Mercy Rule that optionally can be invoked which will end a game when one team gets a lead of 15 or more runs.
  • Optimized: Now optimized for Windows 32-bit operating systems.

Introducing Bible Grand Slam Deluxe - The enhanced version of Bible Baseball for Windows--a Bible trivia game played in baseball game format.

  • Bible Grand Slam includes computer teams to play against!
    1. Try your luck against 1 of the 6 supplied computer teams.
    2. Try beating "Adam and Eve".  They shouldn't be too hard to beat since they weren't around when the Bible was written.
    3. Or, try beating the "Prophets".  Be careful, they know their Old Testament pretty well.
    4. Or, try beating the "Angels".  Good luck!  They have been around for the writing of the whole Bible
  • Bible Grand Slam comes with over 1000 questions! V3.0 now comes with over 1250 questions!

  • Bible Grand Slam has many other new features over Bible Baseball for Windows!
  • Bible Grand Slam is being distributed by Bible Games Company.
  • System Requirements: Windows 3.1 or better, 5-10 meg hard drive space V3.0 now requires Win 95 or better and 10-20 meg hard drive space
  • Can be obtained from one of the following sources:
  1. Online here at Barbor Software for $7.99 with FREE S/H (use button at top of page)
  2. Mail order from Barbor Software - click here
  3. Your local Christian bookstore
  4. Available at other online retailers!

Technical support for Bible Grand Slam:

Bible Grand Slamis copyrighted by Bible Games Company, 1996-2007

Old Version 2.0 (smaller than actual)

New Version 3.0 (smaller than actual)

Old Version 2.0 (smaller than actual)

New Version 3.0 (smaller than actual)

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