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Bible Touchdown

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Introducing Bible Touchdown - A Bible Knowledge Game for Windows in football game format.

  • Bible Touchdown includes computer teams to play against!
    1. Try your luck against 1 of the 6 supplied computer teams.
    2. Try beating "Adams Clan".  They shouldn't be too hard to beat since they weren't around when the Bible was written.
    3. Or, try beating the "Prophets".  Be careful, they know their Old Testament pretty well.
    4. Or, try beating the "Angels".  Good luck!  They have been around for the writing of the whole Bible
  • Bible Touchdown comes with over 1000 questions! 

  • Run your offense just like the pros -- select the type of play (short run, long run, short pass, etc.) and then answer a multiple choice question.  If you get the question correct, you will gain yards depending on the difficulty of the question.  But, if you get the question wrong, WATCH OUT!  It could be fumbled or intercepted!

  • System Requirements: Windows 95 or better, 10-20 meg hard drive space
  • Can be obtained from one of the following sources:
  1. Right here at Barbor Software for $7.99 with FREE S/H - use button at top of page
  2. Mail order from Barbor Software - click here
  3. Your local Christian bookstore
  4. Available at other online retailers!

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